All Purpose Digestant

Product # 502

This product utilizes the powerful waste digesting abilities of natural bacteria and special enzymes.  it is a blend of bacillus bacteria strains, cultured for their ability to digest organic waste - quickly, efficiently and without odors!  These strains will work both in the presence of oxygen (aerobic digestion) and in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic digestion).  The natural bacteria quickly break down proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats & oil, and paper for the most effective waste digestion.  It's rapidly dissolving packet and unique micronutrient enriched carrier provides accelerated germination, growth and superior enzyme production while  reducing odor, BOD, COD, suspended solids, turbidity and ammonia concentrations.  Stable bacteria spores enhance shelf life and guarantees microbial concentration, while its spore-form allows it to resist chlorine, disinfectants, and high water temperatures.