Our Econozorb Pads are recognized worldwide as being the highest quality oil only absorbent pads available.  The Econozorb Pads are an ultrasonically bonded laminate of small micron diameter fibers, which contain up to 50% more capillary pores than the larger diameter fibers.  To you, that means better retention and liquid distribution, which in turn saves you time, money and labor.

          Each pad will absorb over 10 times its own weight and can be wrung out and reused up to 15 times in some applications.  Econozorb Pads have a tensile strength 600% greater than any comparable absorbent pad available so they are able to withstand longer and more rugged use.

          The Econozorb Pads are both hydrophobic and oleophilic so they will only absorb oil and other hydrocarbons but not water.  Econozorb Pads will never sink so you can use them either on water or land, they are ideal for use in spill containment, oil/water separation, around and under leaky equipment, or even for hydraulic or diesel line breaks in the rain.

          The Econozorb Pads are available in packs of 200 measuring 17 x 19 inches and in rolls 150 feet long by 32 inches wide perforated every 24 inches.

          Move into the future of oil and spill containment, the future that is the Econozorb Pads.

                    BP200             ECONOZORB PADS 17X19                   200/CASE    

                    Q150P             ECONOZORB ROLLS 38X144X3.8       1/CASE