Our Bio-Sweep is the first 100% all natural oil eating absorbent sweep made from cotton fibers impregnated with over 106 billion oil eating microbial colonies and special nutrients to hyper start remediation.

Bio-Sweep is so absorbent and lightweight by volume each 30-pound bag will replace 270 pounds of kitty litter or clay product with no silica dust.  It actually sucks the oil and its hydrocarbons deep from the pores of the floor and instantly encapsulates it.  This prevents it from leaching out while the microbes devour both the hydrocarbons and the sweep itself.

When leaks or spills occur in the field use Bio-Sweep to absorb and encapsulate the spill; it bio-remediates the soil, the spill and the sweep itself.

For shop use just broadcast a small amount over a spill or under a leak, let it set for a minute and then just sweep it up.  If you donít need to clear the area leave the Bio-Sweep in place and let those 106 billion microbial colonies do the work.